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Past Honorees

2013 Spirit of Pride Award honorees Lucy Debardelaben and Gail Christian.

2013 Spirit of Pride Award honorees Lucy Debardelaben and Gail Christian.

Honoring Those Whose Shoulders We Stand

Past honorees have demonstrated a commitment to the goals of human rights, equality, empowerment and a better understanding within the LGBT community and beyond.  Every year, you are invited to nominate deserving individuals or organizations.  Selection is by committee. Multiple categories are awarded for outstanding contributions in a wide variety of specialties such as community service, political involvement, the arts, sports and the media. Palm Springs Pride is tremendously proud of all the honorees past and present for their significant achievements and tireless efforts from which so many of us have benefited.

This list is a work in progress.  We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information and sincerely apologize for any misspellings or incorrect information found on this list.  Please contact with any corrections or to provide additional information.


Year Name Award
2012 AIDS Walk Palm Springs Advocate of the Year
2014 Alexis Ortega Community Grand Marshal
2014 Amanda Lepore Celebrity Grand Marshal
2009 Andy Linsky Community Grand Marshal
2007 Ari Gold Celebrity Grand Marshal
2012 Arlene Rosenthal Volunteer of the Year
2010 Barbara Barrett and Sharon Doty Volunteer of the Year
2011 Bill Feingold (and Kevin Holmes) Celebrity Grand Marshal
2006 Bob Hoven (1931-2006) Man of the Year
2009 Boots In Squares Organization of the Year
2013 Brian Vatcher Community Grand Marshal
2010 Bryan T. Donovan from Bravo’s hit series, “Thintervention” Parade Celebrity
2011 Caleb Laieski Grand Marshal
2007 Carla J. Hanberg Volunteer of the Year
2013 Carol and Mike Balasa Friend of Pride
2013 Christopher Kennedy Community Service Award
2001 Christopher Peterson Grand Marshal
2008 Christopher Rice Celebrity Grand Marshal
2009 Cleve Jones Celebrity Grand Marshal
2009 Cliff & Peggy Simpson Volunteer of the Year
2008 Craig Novak and Rick Anderson Community Grand Marshal
2010 Crystal Waters Celebrity Grand Marshal
2011 Dana Adkins Community Service Award
2012 Dean McDowell Community Service Award
2014 Desert Rose Playhouse Organization of the Year
2012 Desert Winds Freedom Band (Bob Montooth, Pres) Community Service Award
2000 Dick Haskamp Community Grand Marshal
2009 Diane Tremblay & Elaine Weiner Female Inspirational Couple of the Year
2012 Doug Hairgrove and Woody Wood Volunteer of the Year
2006 Dr. Natalie Shemonsky Woman of the Year
2004 Dr. Paul Steier Man of the Year
2007 Edward Espindola Community Grand Marshal
2005 Elizabeth Baker Woman of the Year
2013 Ellen Zimmerman with Melanie Jones Community Grand Marshal
2012 Eric Alva Grand Marshal
2004 Evelyn Hernandez Valentino Woman of the Year
2014 Fiona Foyston and Pat Bergmann Community Service Award
2012 Gary Moline Community Service Award
2011 Geoff Kors and James Williamson Special Guest
2011 George Zander Community Service Award
2011 Gilbert Baker Lifetime Achievement Award
2013 Ginny Foat Lifetime Achievement
2012 Glenne McElhinney Community Grand Marshal
2010 Golden Rainbow – SAGE Organization of the Year
2014 Gordon Elkins Volunteer of the Year
2008 Gregg Selleck Man of the Year
2012 Hank Plante Community Grand Marshal
2005 Jack Ellison Man of the Year
2011 Jean Harris (1944-2011) Lifetime Achievement Award
2013 Joe Jervis National Grand Marshal
2012 Joey English Celebrity Grand Marshal
2008 John & Irene Mancini Volunteer of the Year
2011 John Palatinus (1929-2014) Lifetime Achievement Award
2010 José Julio Sarria (1922-2013) Community Grand Marshal
2013 Katherine V. Forrest Lifetime Achievement
2011 Kevin Holmes (with Bill Feingold) Celebrity Grand Marshal
2013 Lambda Legal Advocate of the Year
1995 Lee Miller Grand Marshal
2011 Lee Walton & Phil Catalli Community Grand Marshal
2002 Leslie Jordan Grand Marshal
2008 Leslie Jordan Authors’ Village Appearance
2013 Lucy Debardelaben and Gail Christian Spirit of Pride Award
2007 Manny Rodriguez and Ed Ellis Man of the Year
2014 Mariah Hanson Lifetime Achievement
2013 Mark Jones with Ellen Zimmerman Community Grand Marshal
2007 Marnie Hesson Woman of the Year
2004 Marshall Pearcy & Douglas Woodmansee Aka Dottie DuBois and Maude Chapeau of Les Dames Du Soleil Community Grand Marshal
1997 Marv & Carol Sholl (d. July 6, 2006) Community Service Award
2012 Masen Davis Special Guest
2013 Melanie Jones Community Grand Marshal
2006 Meredith Miller & Carol Dunlap (True Value) Community Grand Marshal
2001 Metropolitan Community Church Parade Grand Marshal’s Award
2012 Michael Costello Celebrity Grand Marshal
1997 Michael Feinstein Grand Marshal
2013 Michael Green Volunteer of the Year
2010 Michele Cirone-Collier Community Grand Marshal
2011 Mindy Reed Community Grand Marshal
2008 Mona Caywood Woman of the Year
2002 Morris Kight (1919-2003) Grand Marshal
2010 Ngo Okafor the #1 male supermodel Parade Celebrity
2014 Pat Bergman and Fiona Foyston Community Service Award
2001 Paul Bacon (d. May 30, 2005) and Bob Parrott Community Grand Marshal
2014 Pennie L. Feehan Volunteer of the Year
2001 Prime Timers of the Desert Parade Best Theme
2010 Radclyffe Celebrity Grand Marshal
2014 Raymond Gregory Spirit of Pride Award
2010 Rick Saputo Volunteer of the Year
2006 Riff Markowitz Celebrity Grand Marshal
2009 Robert Field & Bernie J. Castro (d. May 21, 2014) Male Inspirational Couple of the Year
2010 Robin S Celebrity Grand Marshal
2008 Rosie Fiorentino & Robin Rosenberg Female Inspirational Couple of the Year
2013 Ross Mathews Celebrity Grand Marshal
2012 Ruth Debra Community Service Award
2013 Sam Wilkerson and Katy Wilkerson Special Guest
2002 Senator Sheila Kuehl Grand Marshal
2013 Shann Carr Community Service Award
2014 Shannon Minter Lifetime Achievement
2013 Stephen Boyd Volunteer of the Year
1994 Stonewall 25 Grand Marshal
2004 The San Francisco Married Couples Grand Marshal
2010 Thea Gill Celebrity Grand Marshal
2014 Thomas Smith Community Grand Marshal
2008 Thomas & Robert Van Etten Male Inspirational Couple of the Year
1995 Tom “Gator” Swann Grand Marshal
2013 Tom Bianchi Lifetime Achievement
2002 Tom Tews, Milan Tojagic & Jorge Villabona Grand Marshal
2014 Tony Marchese Community Service Award
2014 Tori St. Johns Friend of Pride
2012 Troy Perry Lifetime Achievement Award
2014 Vicky Kolakowski Special Guest
2012 Viola Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award
2005 Wayne Fleisher Community Grand Marshal
2014 Wes Rankins Spirit of Pride
2010 Wesley Eure Special Guest